Living the Questions

It’s been quiet over the last couple of months as I’ve been blogging as the TEDxExeter Storyteller. We’re in the run up to the 2013 event on the theme of “Living the Questions”, so I’ve been writing about a few questions that interest me. Here are the first five.

  1. Living the Questions: Who am I?
    Trying not to define myself by my job or any roles, the labels the world would like to slap on me, or any of my mind, emotions or body in isolation from the rest.
  2. Living the Questions: Why is the sky blue?
    Moving from Rayleigh scattering to why children keep asking why, and why many adults stop.
  3. Living the Questions: What are we missing?
    Quite possibly one of the world’s best musicians on the street corner, or a myriad other things.
  4. Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?
    Allowing Paul Gauguin to ask the questions, and invite contemplation of the meaning of life.
  5. Living the Questions: Who ate all the pie?
    Inequality – estimated, actual, and ideal – and what we can do about it.