Without Frontiers at TEDxExeter 2014

I’ve just started writing blog posts for TEDxExeter on the theme of the 2015 conference: “Taking the Long View”. This reminded me that I posted summaries¬†here and here of the themed posts I wrote in 2013. I wrote a whole bunch of themed posts in 2012 too, and combined most of these into posts here and here. But until now, I have neglected to summarise 2014’s posts on the theme of “Ideas Without Frontiers”.¬†So here they are.

  1. Money Without Frontiers
    Forex flows, international debt, tax avoidance, respiratory illness metaphors, and where there is a frontier that needs dismantling.
  2. People Without Frontiers
    More about pilgrims than immigrants, and how our planet is bounded whereas our imaginations aren’t.
  3. Nature Without Frontiers
    More about the reality of some physical frontiers, while pollutants do not respect national boundaries.
  4. Research Without Frontiers
    The value of focusing attention and how boundaries inspire creativity, as well as pushing the frontiers of knowledge and Interdisciplinary sparks.
  5. Information Without Frontiers
    Access to the World Wide Web, being overwhelmed, information security, and is Google making us stupid?