Dear Reader

I find writing a blog slightly weird. Well, not so much writing it, as thinking about who’s reading it. Something strikes me, I write a post and publish it. It gets picked up by Networked Blogs and gets pushed to my Facebook profile. Tweeting could be automated, but I prefer to do this manually. Some readers might come across it via these routes. Others might have added my blog to their RSS feed, and ping! there’s another post to read. So the number of post views goes up, and the website stats tells me where my audience lives, what browsers and operating systems they’re using, and how they got to my post. I presume that the post views are not just robots and crawlers, and there are some humans out there opening my posts and reading them with the attention they deserve (that cuts both ways!).

I’m just writing about stuff that interests me. It’s weird to think that this might interest other people as well. And weirdest of all is that most of you live in the US, and that I’ve had a fair few readers from Russia, Slovenia, Germany, France, Australia, South Korea and Japan. I’m very much writing from my culture here in southwest England, and am not planning to make any concessions to your understanding or otherwise of that culture (‘football’ not ‘soccer’). But I suppose it goes to show how universal my main interests in faith/theology and the environment/sustainability truly are… or perhaps it’s the CS Lewis effect! Whichever it is, thanks for reading!


Welcome to my new blog

My previous blog from alongside Mucknell Abbey is still available. That was about things that I observed and things that interested me. This will probably also be about things that interest me, but related to my ponderings on where next… research? consultancy? kitchen gardening? writing? web design? As one of the children in the film Africa United said: the world is my ostrich. So at the moment, I am reading lots of random stuff and seeing what sparks interest and ideas.