Crazy English - Advanced - Proficiency (English Edition) por George Sandford

Titulo del libro: Crazy English - Advanced - Proficiency (English Edition)

Autor: George Sandford

Número de páginas: 123 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 21, 2012

Editor: Praski Publishing

Crazy English - Advanced - Proficiency (English Edition) por George Sandford

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George Sandford con Crazy English - Advanced - Proficiency (English Edition)

Fully edited, revised and updated with video links; read 25 short texts packed with juicy vocabulary and tests. Then watch what's involved in cheese rolling, Morris dancing and last night of the proms - you'd be crazy not to!

Quick product checklist here:

Subject: ESL (English as a Second Language)
Theme:English culture and traditions
Language Skill:Vocabulary and comprehension
Content style:Short texts with questions and video links

Level: Advanced - Proficiency
Age Group:12+

Tests and answers:Yes
Suitable for self- study:Yes
Teaching material:Yes
Copiable:Yes for teaching classroom purposes only

Target audience:teenage school children, students, adults learning English, visitors to England, people looking for work in England, language teachers

Device compatibility:Suitable for PC, laptop, Kindle, ebook readers, tablets and
Smartphones, Apple and Android

Crazy English is a fun collection of 25 short texts to help English learners, (Advanced -Proficiency), to find out all about the eccentric aspects of English culture.

Each text is approximately 400 words with comprehension or vocabulary tests and answers. It is suitable for self-study or as a teaching aid. Material may be copied, with author attribution, for classroom purposes but not commercial use.

Enjoy reading about Harrods, The red telephone box, cheese rolling and all the weird and wonderful things that got to make the English so crazy!

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