Brandon - Tudor Knight (English Edition) por Tony Riches

Titulo del libro: Brandon - Tudor Knight (English Edition)

Autor: Tony Riches

Número de páginas: 336 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: December 3, 2018

Editor: Preseli Press

Brandon - Tudor Knight (English Edition) por Tony Riches

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Tony Riches con Brandon - Tudor Knight (English Edition)

From the author of the international best-selling Tudor Trilogy:

Handsome, charismatic and a champion jouster, Sir Charles Brandon is the epitome of a Tudor Knight. A favourite of King Henry VIII, Brandon has a secret. He has fallen in love with Henry’s sister, Mary Tudor, the beautiful widowed Queen of France, and risks everything to marry her without the king’s consent.

Brandon becomes Duke of Suffolk, but his loyalty is tested fighting Henry’s wars in France. Mary’s public support for Queen Catherine of Aragon brings Brandon into dangerous conflict with the ambitious Boleyn family and the king’s new right-hand man, Thomas Cromwell.

Torn between duty to his family and loyalty to the king, Brandon faces an impossible decision: can he accept Anne Boleyn as his new queen?

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